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This is a directory for my other portals, which I plan to port some of the content to here in the future:
The Empowerment Chamber
A guide to Child Growth and Development for teachers


The following is in no particular order.
Openstreetmap (commonly shortened to OSM), collaborative mapping
Osmand, a map app for Android, iOS. With a feature of downloading offine maps.
OSRM (Open Source Routing Machine), A trip planner that uses OSM.
Foursquare, social exploration of regional locations
Waze, social traffic optimization for drivers. The data is not free as in reproduction. A Google company

Environmental Issues

As cities grow, the environmental impact is one of many issues that can be relevant to many areas. Examples of issues may include light pollution, noise pollution, and air pollution. Some groups are very active, such as Greenpeace. Others are coming into prominence, such as "Dark Sky" groups advocating for a more improved natural darkness. Artificial light has been scientifically correlated to reduced melatonin production in humans, a chemical that induces deep sleep. (Chepisuik, 2009). Outdoor lighting designs are now available for both consumers and the utility levels, most notably, lighting should be sparingly targeted at the intended area to be shone and few light toward the sky.

How close are you to a "Dark Sky" area? Numerous maps are available online, including from "Light Pollution Map", "Dark Sky Finder" and J Tomshine. For most individuals in a community, the darkness is not free from artificial lighting. One benefit of designated "Dark Sky" areas is astronomical photography can be easily taken at night.


  1. Chepisuik, R. 2009. Environ Health Perspect. 117(1). A20-A27.

Waste Management

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce means bringing suffient materials into the home or office.

Reuse means finding new ways to repurpose one piece of object in a way that may not necessarily be for its original design. Many materials are not easily returned into mass production due to the limitations of the recycling facilities, depending on the geographical area. Examples for repurposing include making guitar plucks from credit cards, organizers from bread tags, and straws for art.

The final step is recycling, after all other means are exhausted. Many materials are not recycled due to the lack of facilities, and is the reason for the previous two actions.

Recycling appears to be very common in India, where income in certain areas are in a low standard of living. It remains to be seen if their motivation will continue as the future progresses and synthetic material continues to be developed.


Yes, accessibility is often symbolized by the stick person in a blue square, but it is more to that. Read WebAim to begin with "web" accessbility. One interactive feature is to check if any given website meets the visual auditory demands of potential visitors.

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Hour of Code: Introductory tutorials for all ages
This page, like many others on this service, are hand-coded to produce awesome webpages. Neocities has it's own tutorial that is sufficient to create one from scratch, while Mozilla has a more detailed portal on the language that forms the backbone of many websites.

I have a pre-made website. Why should I code?

The way of coding has appeared to diminish with the closure of Geocities in 2009 as easier means such as Wordpress become available, but coding can be thought of as a subset of designing and creating one's own object while learning new things and enjoying the process. More recently, this activity has been described as creationist movement or makerspace -- a cross-disciplinary approach to learning. Other examples of makerspace culture includes robot (in the sense of simple machines) building, and 3D printing.

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